• Who We Are

    Partnerships For Change® (PFC) is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable development through direct humanitarian action, transforming social and economic conditions of underserved communities, globally. READ MORE

  • Empowering Women

    The Women’s Empowerment Center was launched to reduce poverty, prevent prostitution, human trafficking, slavery, crime, violence, drug abuse and the spread of water borne illness. READ MORE

  • Empowering Spiritual Entrepreneurs

    Partnerships For Change® is honored to partner with Ingrid Jordt and Bharat Rana of the Royal Thimpu College to launch the Bhutan National Heritage Foundation,promoting the preservation and restoration of the Bhutanese culture, architecture and parks. READ MORE

  • Jaipur Foot

    The Jaipur Foot has proven to be a remarkable triumph in the history of prosthetic feet due to the speed at which a limb can be constructed as well as the low cost of under $50 to produce each device. Recipients receive his or her Jaipur Foot free of charge. READ MORE

  • Accelerating Environmental, Economy

    Since 1990 Partnerships For Change® (PFC) has promoted social and economictransformation through direct humanitarian action and sustainable development. READ MORE

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Mission - Sustainable Forays

Partnerships For Change®(PFC) is a team of social impact strategists and practitioners. PFC disrupts the status quo and implements lasting change. Since 1990, we have harnessed the power of stories and partnerships to accelerate change through direct action projects with all forms of media. We continue to perfect the craft of transformation. We strategically engage local partners around the globe and mobilize filmmakers, authors, artists, political advocates, broadcast and print journalists, social media, web and mobile platform architects to bring change.

Our sustainable forays are to advance compassion and abolish cruelty to people, animals and the environment by accelerating economic, social and health empowerment projects, awaken the conscience from compelling stories, and build advocacy with awareness and policy change.

Advance compassion and Abolish cruelty, Awaken conscience, and Advocate change.

Partnerships For Change® Blog

  • Organic: A movement to generate soil, great food, and a healthier planet

    The Evolution of Organic is a documentary in the making about the organic agriculture movement by Mark Kitchell, an Oscar-winning filmmaker.  Now is the time to have an impact and contribute to its development.  See http://evolutionoforganic.org and the IndieGoGo campaign and Stand out in the Crowd.

    Organic farmer holding basket
    Organic farmer in the field


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The Hunting Ground

HuntingGroundPFC® acted as fiscal sponsor and was a funder to “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary that tells the story of campus sexual assaults in U.S. colleges.  Premiering on CNN.

The Prophet

prophetposterThe Prophet is a animated feature of Kahlil Gibran’s novel starring Salma Hayek, Liam Neeson and produced by Salma Hayek and Executive Produced by William Nix, member of Partnerships For Change®’s Board of Advisors. Our strategic ally, Journeys In Film has done a curriculum guide for educators to inspire and sustain the message for years

Partnerships for Change® supports the vision and serves as the Fiscal Sponsor for a variety of direct social-action and issue-based Media Projects.

To find out more, please visit the Media Section of our site or choose a quick link below:

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